September 18, 2012

today's thoughts {tuesday night ramblings}

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hi friends,

tonight i blog to you wearing red lips. it's now officially fall time since i ended up wearing real boots, leggings, and a sweater today. so i now declare fall to begin. today i went to the mall to exchange some shoes (i got new even cuter ones btw) but i was on the hunt for a cute fall ish tunic ish dress for a photo shoot that i'm having done next month and of course i have the perfect outfit in mind {thanks a lot pinterest} and naturally i can't find a single thing that i like or that even comes close to it. don't you hate that? so please tell me if you ever find or come across a cute dress like this. please and thank you. notice in my flash pic i am pointing out my roots. yes, its that time again for my hair to be changing. can't wait to show you what i do! recently i just started to watch LOST again. yeah, i'm already obsessed. i watched it back in my freshman year of college {hollar 2006} but eventually got too busy and never finished the 3rd season. so now i've been loving me some jack. some other things i have been thinking about and was talking with a friend the other night was isn't it funny how some people come and go in our life's and they were there for the EXACT time that we needed them the most? it's so odd but i love it, it in a weird way. it's like they are the only one's who could heal us or be there for us during that particular time in our life. it's awesome. on another note i really truly feel so incredibly blessed someones it's overwhelming how blessed i feel that i have the family and friends that i do. i also have felt so blessed lately on so many people admiring my photography. i tell you its an intimidating world out there {the photography world} i have a long ways to go where i want to be but i just love all of my clients, friends, and family in supporting me to get where i am now. i wouldn't be where i am with out the support and many mock photo sessions i've had with them. and for those who have allowed me and trusted in me. i love what i do and hope to keep expanding as the years go by! also i did a semi-cleanse last week. eating only fruits, veggies, 100% fruit juice, nuts, beans & chicken. and it was awesome. it's amazing how great your body feels when you feed it all the proper things (yes, i was bad and had Chinese take out tonight.. oops it was one of those days.) but it really teaches you to focus on the nutrients that your body craves. and has really taught me to incorporate and eat the veggies first! i have also had a travel bug in me lately. i am dying to go on vacation. i'm craving Disneyland or the beach.. or something! 


ps. also today i decided that i really do love fashion. sometimes i secretly wish i was a fashion blogger. on that note i better go to bed. 


Amanda Schroeder said...

I loooove that sweater. ANd you look beautiful. I need a trip too. Super bad. I've been looking for cruises, but the flight part is ridiculous! Anyways, love the red lipstick and excited to see the photoshoot outcome!

Kristal said...

I love your red lipstick! Jealous you get to wear boots! :) I wish I lived where is was fall already. I'm in AZ and its still in the 90's! New follower!

Amy Lynn said...

oh my lanta. you read my mind with the disneyland/beach thing.. i am DYING to go! i look up flights and hotels pretty much on a daily basis haha

perfumehk said...

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Meg said...

Love your blog.

Autumn said...

you could totally be a fashion blogger. you get so many comments on your outfits on instagram!

also, I love the red lipstick :)


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