October 1, 2012

hello, october

how do i look as a vampire? okay this picture has absolutely nothing to do with what I wanted to write about tonight. I was just playing around with the vampire creepiness. plus, today is the first of october. and i love october. anyway isn't it funny how when something goes wrong or complex that just about everything in your life in some way or another becomes complicated? why is that? i have had a few things lately that have been super hard on me. and then several things following. when it rains it pours i guess. good or bad. 

lessons learned lately:

-sometimes things happen & we don't know why. nor will we ever know
-sometimes it's okay to cry
-it's hard to forgive yourself
-always put your hand in the Lord's and he will take care of you
-be honest no matter what
-trials make us that much stronger
-if we didn't go through hard things we would never be progressing. 
-the Lord is always there for us.
-happiness is a choice

and that my friends are the reminders i've had lately. as much as i hate to go through things that are hard. when i look back and see how far i've come and who i am now, they are what makes me who i am. they shape us. refine us. and make us stronger.

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Eve Myers said...

I totally understand! Sometimes it rains and pours buckets!


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