March 6, 2013

boudreaux's bistro.



my sister becky and i ventured to payson last saturday for a sister date. we took the back way from provo on the old highway and had a lovely scenic route through southern utah county. i love driving through main streets of smaller towns. the whole feel of them just makes me happy! i've said it before and i'll say it again i want to live in a smaller town when i grow up. our visit to payson was made so we could visit a cajun restaurant called boudreaux's bistro. they have been open for just over a year. we both loved it! i ordered the jambalaya pasta and was very pleased. bex got jambalaya with red beans. we shared some fried pickles for an appetizer & beignets for dessert. i really liked the food but to say i love he beignets is an understatement! i need to have more, like now. i already want to go back- even if it's just for dessert. i have grown to love trying new places especially with my sister. if you're in the payson area go give boudreaux's a try!

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Liawati Uret said...

i've been following your blog for a while and this is the first time kinda distracted with the photos. drooling!

keep doing this kind of post.

Usu Siq


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