March 12, 2013

only the young.

sometimes we get silly ideas to go hiking at night just because it was a sunny day and we want summer to be here. so we headed up to the 'Y'. for those of you who don't know what the 'Y' is.. it's a big white Y on the mountain in provo standing for BYU. it's not that long of a hike but it raises 1,100 elevation  using 12 switchbacks and is about 2 miles long.we only made it up to the 3rd switchback before we hit the snow and it was way too steep to continue on snow. so we turned around. it made for a fun & cold night. this got me extra excited for summer! i love being minutes away from so many great hikes and outdoor activities. utah will always be my favorite. summer please come faster.

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Jenny said...

I want to go hiking at night...that looks so fun!! And I have still never hiked the Y...I should probably do that :)
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