March 5, 2013



here we are in another month. wow, where did the time go? it seems like christmas was just yesterday and now we're entering the the third month of the year. i feel like the older i get the faster time goes by. last night at FHE we talked about goals. we were all given a block of wood and a black sharpie marker. we were told to write and draw pictures of our goals on the board. i wrote the typical big goals i have " travel, graduate,find me a man, be more spiritual, build my photography biz, & be financially smart". then on the other side of the board we wrote what things are keeping us from reaching those goals. "fear, funds, self confidence, procrastination, time, laziness, etc". this was an interesting thing to me because i feel like it goes right along with my goal setting for the year. if you have read my blog in the past you know my theme for 2013 is to rise to my full potential. i always feel like all of us, myself included are the ones who are keeping us from reaching for the stars and accomplishing those goals, small or big. we can truly do anything that we set our mind to. after we were done writing down those fears we were told we were going to bust the board in half. i'm not even going to lie i was so scared. i had fear that i was going to hurt myself, fear that someone was going to be watching me as i attempted to break it, fear that i wouldn't be able to do it. as someone held the board for me i punched it, broke it in half the first time and "got rid of those fears or obstacles" that were in the way & blocking me from reaching those goals! i felt very motivated after and encouraged to keep going forward with my goals even though sometimes they take a lot of work and time. sometimes we do things that we think we cannot, and amaze ourselves. i know if i work at my goals each day they will happen! here's to the month of march and not letting my fears get in the way.


Kelsey Bang said...

i am wondering how fast time is flying to! way to fast! you look so cute! love your monthly goals!

eryka {from abcde} said...

I love this!!
Love ya!

Amanda Schroeder said...

You're so cute. I love your goals & I LOVE your hair. Miss you!

Leezanna said...

I like this - really cool tangible analogy!


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