July 11, 2013

logan, utah.

The other weekend I got to go visit my friends up in Logan! Kati just recently moved up to go to school in the fall. We had fun exploring cute little Logan and found some fun places to eat at. We went for a drive and found a cool place to take pictures. I adore the small town Logan is and the open fields. Something about it just makes me happy. I spent the rest of the weekend and Kiley's and got to meet her sweet new baby girl, Tenley. I was in love the moment I met her. Newborns are my favorite. I held her every chance I could. She is the sweetest little girl. I danced with Kiley & Kati down at Snow and sometimes I wonder what I would ever do if I never knew them! It makes me sad. We all had fun reminiscing about all of our crazy fun times in college. Before I headed back home I met up with some blog friends for dinner! It was so fun to meet up with them and chat. Nothing better then blog friends :) It was a great weekend away from my normal routine. I even took Monday off of work so I could have a day to relax & have a mini getaway.

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Kati Schroeder said...

Hey that's me!!! Love ya!!


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