November 25, 2013

hands down this is the best day i can ever remember

When I was fifteen my boyfriend at the time gave me a burned CD and had written "Dashboard Confessional" on the top of it. Being the sappy fifteen year old I was I think I listened to that CD more than any other CD in high school and Dashboard quickly became my favorite band. (and still is to this day) I learned every word, fell asleep to their albums every night, they were my first concert, and needless to say I became obsessed. I think all of my friends can pledge for this especially because now on occasion I will get a text from someone saying that they listened to a Dashboard song and they thought of me. I quickly fell for the lead singer, Chris. Even right down to his sleeve tats I thought he was a major babe. Through the years I have been to many of his concerts and have followed him closely. The last concert I went to was back in 2011 when he was on a solo tour. I was sad when he hadn't had news of having a new album released in the past couple of years so needless to say I  was ecstatic when I was browsing on Facebook one day and came across Dashboards Facebook page saying that Chris had started a new personal project with a new band called Twin Forks. I did some research and saw that they were coming to Salt Lake City! I messaged my friend and bought the tickets. We knew it would probably be a smaller concert since they weren't too well known yet but that us loyal Dashboard fans would be dying to go. One week before the concert I posted a picture of Chris to my Instagram with the caption "I get to be serenaded by my lover Christopher next week. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. Also, If I get to take my picture with him..I think I may faint. #andsuddenlyifeelfifteenagain" The concert was absolutely wonderful and I was SO close to Chris the whole time I was sort of freaking out. Naturally he played a Dashboard song. ("Stolen") I really like his new EP Twin Forks Album! Don't worry that after the concert he was at the table where they were selling t-shirts and he started to take pictures & signing autographs. Melissa and I stood in line and my fifteen year old self was star struck. I was shaking. (I'm laughing about his as I write this post but I really was! So pathetic but it's the truth!) As we got closer to the table I had this genius idea to take off my phone cover and let him sign my white iPhone. When it was my turn I said something along the lines of "Hi Chris!" in my shaking voice and then told him that I had been a fan for a long time. When I told him that I wanted him to sign my phone he was like, "Are you sure! I feel bad" I told him that I was sure. He tried to sign it and the dang marker wouldn't work on my phone! I was a little sad. Until he was like hang on a second, grabbed his schedule out of his bag and wrote "Thanks Ashley! He drew a heart and then signed his name -Chris Carrabba +Twin Forks. Then I took my picture with him. Chris put his arm around me I couldn't believe this was happening. Especially since the week before I had joked that it would be a dream come true if I could actually take a picture with him. And it was actually happening! He then gave me a little side hug & I walked away. It was the most magical night.

And that my friends was the best $12 dollars I have ever spent 
*also don't mind the poor picture quality. poor lighting and with my iPhone. sad i didn't bring my camera.
and i just had to post this one again because I just love him.


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