April 4, 2014

march in a whirlwind.

March was a whirlwind of fun. It marched on by. (see what I did there? ha!)  My passport came in the mail! I was pretty darn excited. I busted out my leather jacket for not so cold, yet still cold weather. Kati and I met up for dinner one night, I wish she lived closer and that we could get together every weekend. Sometimes you just need your close girlfriends. I signed for my new place and sold my current contract. Had lots of roommate nights. I always have lucked out with wonderful roommates who become like sisters. It amazes me how blessed I am. Gracie and I tried Art City Doughnuts one night and braced the cold for them, worth it I chopped 5 1/2 inches off of my hair and feel like a new women. We had a hip-hop night at dance class. I love that I still get to dance with all my favorite has-been dancers. Sunday walks and picnics have been a must with the peek of spring weather we've been having. I have been still hitting the gym hard. Loving my runs now days. I saw the movie divergent and loved it. It almost makes me want to read the books :) 
I love my crazy fast paced life! 

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