May 20, 2014

420 A

My heart is so full right now thinking about my time at this apartment. I moved just a few weeks ago. It has been bittersweet. 420A had been home for almost the past two years. I feel like I grew so much as a person during the time that I lived there. I have truly come to know myself, whats important to me, who my friends are, what i want in life, in a spouse, in a friend, and the type of woman I want to become. I have made plenty of mistakes, been through trials, had my heart sting more than once and cried a few tears. Along with that I have also moved past a lot, risen to my highest, made amazing new friends,been the closest with God, been in the most amazing ward, learned from wonderful roommates, laughed a lot, rose to my potential and created many memories that I will always hold close to my heart.

I will never forget the peaceful feeling I had when I first walked into this apartment. I knew I was supposed to move here. I didn't know quite why at that moment in time but 420 has been a beautiful roller coaster that I would never replace. It was a beautiful chapter in my book of life.

I'll miss pulling up into the parking garage, going to the cute elevator to floor 4 , being surrounded constantly with wonderful people, and going to bed at night looking over the lake. So many memories took place in that little apartment that I will always cherish. 

420, I'll miss you. you were a good one. 


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Ashley Z. said...

I'm moving soon too and I'm like... being all sad about my first cute little apartment!


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